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“if you want to travel fast, travel alone, if you want to travel far, travel together”.   an African Proverb

At Tourism Channel we build cost free websites for towns and regions, bringing together with it a structure with up to date social media trends and e-commerce  just to name a few.  Our Vision is “Enabling communities to play in the tourism space”.


We want to engage the visitor in our sites and bring the community to them. Together with great content, images, social media we aim to drive economic value to the towns sites we work with. Can you image we want to build a website for every regional town in Australia! It all about openness.

Tourism Channel understands the challenges to operators (especially those in regional Australia) of keeping up with online and social media marketing. It is because of this that Tourism Channel has developed a cost effective and manageable way for operators to take part in and grow with market demands.

Tourism Channel also believes that building a strong, networked group (clustering) will enable future growth of new business entering the market, knowing that support and marketing are already established. The Visitor to our sites will benefit from the multichannel e commerce and social media on offer to explore and engage with us.

Tourism Channel is always looking to the future for innovative ways to support businesses. Coming soon will be new apps, stronger connections of  Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing, multi-language and our social media channels. We are building with our partners new and exciting way build visitors to you and for you to market to them.

The future is exciting and we want to make sure you have the best support and tools with you to grow. Having  higher speed internet (Via NBN & 4G)  will enable towns for tomorrow to have a tool into the faster world. Tourism will be what you want it to be .

“Holidaymakers want one of two things – an escape or a new experience. Online, the website must match those desires if it is truly to connect. But it must do more than that. Travel websites also need to enable trust and confidence – which are powerful motivators in ebookers. Equally, travel websites need to establish social proof and provide a method of potential customers gaining social acceptance”. (tnooz – talking travel tech, November 2010)


Our Website: Enable customers to make accommodation booking via Wotif (australia trusted online booking site) also booking can be made with Godo.

So please, contact us if you want to get involved, we look forward to hearing from you, so that we can share our vision and yours together.